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5 Creative Ways to Use GIFs

Social Media Marketing

A well-thought out and well-created GIF won’t just increase the entertainment value of your Facebook page, but will also result in a high amount of valuable interactions such as comments and shares. These are interactions that exponentially increase the reach of your posts, and further spread awareness of your brand.

Not sure where to start when planning for GIFs? Here are 5 types of GIF games that can be both fun for your fans, and rewarding for you.

GIF Games We Love:

1. Spot The Odd One Out

Sneak in a different picture from series of images provided. You could even subtly add in an additional one – can you spot both odd ones out in the GIF below? (Hint: we flipped out on one!)

Zojirushi Singapore


2. Shuffle Guessing Game

This guessing game is sure to keep your audience on their toes. It may seem easy, but looks can be deceiving! 



3. Matching Games

Getting the correct answer on this would most definitely feel like winning the lottery!  

Nissin Foods Singapore


4. Counting Games

This fast-paced counting game may get people all crossed-eyed, but it does make for productive engagement.

Play the GIF


5. Guess Who?

This is a quirky version of a ‘Who dunnit’ quiz – deducing the glutton who ate up all the food!

Popeyes Singapore


Plan and create GIFs from any these 5 categories (or come up with your own ideas!) on a regular basis, and you’ll soon reap the results of increased page engagement!


Over at AKÏN, we love GIFs so much that they have become a mandatory part of our social media content strategies. Aside from looking out for design hires that are already GIF proficient, we have also begun training our designers to become GIF experts themselves.  

Get your designer kickstarted on learning how to make GIFs with a assessment we’ve created. It’s part of our Hiring Exercises for Junior Designers’ Kit which consists of a series of well-scoped design problems posed to our potential junior designers during interviews, in order to assess their true design and creative abilities.

Download Hiring Exercises


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