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Awkward Giphy Moments are… awkward.

akin giphy gifs

Step aside, emojis – the trend in the akïn office is the /giphy extension on Slack. Entering this extension, along with a specific keyword, will generate a random gif as a response. But the keyword here, is random.


While we’ve had some cute gifs appear as responses in conversations (like this one - how can you not adore Winnie the Pooh!), we’ve also had some rather… awkward moments with our gifs. Here are just some of them:

**Names changed to protect the identities (and maybe, dignity) of the colleagues.


1. When congratulating a colleague on their work anniversary:

Ostrich: “Hey everyone! It was Wombat’s first day in akin this time 2 years ago!”

Ostrich: /giphy congratulations

erm.. like, congrats?

Ostrich: “Whoa, sarcastic much?”

Wombat: /giphy old already

why, hello there.

Wombat: “This guy is totally not old!”

Wombat: /giphy old woman

so much for respecting your elders...

Wombat: “…”

Verdict: … yup, pretty awkward. (For the record, we do not endorse being rude to your elders… much less elderly abuse!)


2. In a conversation about another giphy gif:

Possum: /giphy okay

 okay, suave enough.

Possum: “Haha, he looks like he’s saying ‘okay lah’, but it’s probably actually ‘okay then’.”


Koala: /giphy singapore

go, Serena, go!

Possum: “!?”

Koala: “hahaha urm.”


Verdict: We love Serena Williams… but we’re not sure that her appearance at the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) finals in Singapore really represents our country!



3. When planning for a discussion:

Dingo: “Hey Ostrich, shall we speak at about 12 regarding the branding project?”

Ostrich: /giphy sounds good

sometimes i run, sometimes i hide

Ostrich: “HAHAH! Trolling gif.”

Dingo: “Hahahahahaha oh my.”


Verdict: Probably more appropriate for someone whose words you can’t take seriously – i.e. not your boss (most times, anyway)!



4. When still surprised by the previous gif:

Ostrich: “Ohkay, that gif was totally not the one I was looking for.”
Dingo: “Hahaha.”


Dingo: /giphy I see

 fire in dem eyez

 Dingo: “ahaha mine is totally not it too.”


Verdict: …sometimes, it’s just better to stop before it gets too awkward.



5. When in (a slightly heated) discussion about a client:


Possum (to Koala): “…if I were you, I’d tell them to read up on the original!” 

Possum: /giphy fierce

soooo on fleek.

Koala: “Hahahaha.”

Possum: “Sigh… not the kind of fierce I was looking for...”


Possum: /giphy fierce

down, leo, down!

Possum: “Okay, better.”


Verdict: If you can’t be fierce… at least be fabulously fierce!


6. In yet another discussion:

Possum: “…otherwise, we can stick to this unless anyone objects.”

Ostrich: “Haha okay.”


Possum: /giphy awesome

erm.. right.

Possum: “erm lol okay.”



Verdict: …yeah, awkward enough.


7. Talking about Brokeback...

Quokka: “Okay! Send over the photoshop file. That’s all, thank you loads bro!”

Ostrich: “No worries!”


Quokka: /giphy yay

ouch, ouch, ouch...

Ostrich: (massive online laughter outburst)


Verdict: Poor fox and his (soon to be) broken back.


8. When fawning over some pretty spring lollipops:

Possum: “sounds yummehh!”

Pusheen: “so pretty!” 😍

Ostrich: “I WANNTTTTT”


Ostrich: /giphy I WANT

coachella lookbook?

Ostrich: “Ohkay whut. Hahahahaha.”

Koala: “Hahaha.”

Possum: “more #awkwardgiphymoments.” 

Verdict: If Ostrich wants it that way…



9. When we heard that the Pokemon cafe is coming to town...

Dingo: “Can we go on a company outing!”

Dingo: /giphy pika

pika! noooooo~

Cockatoo: “…that’s gotta hurt.”

Ostrich: /giphy pokeball

queen amoe-bey

Koala: “hahahahaha what.”

Wombat: “OMG hahaha. Beyonce would make quite a powerful Pokemon.”


Verdict: Beyonce, we’d choose you too! (...and Pokemon cafe, what?)



10. Yes, we have a lot of discussions over Slack: 

Pusheen: “What about taking away the ‘the’? Will that be weird?”

Pusheen: /giphy weird

but it's actually quite calming. miss Sizzler!

Pusheen: “???? Okay, now that’s weird.”

Possum: “Haha, I think that’s going into the blog.”

Pusheen: “…That’s the first thing I thought of.”


Verdict: It’s actually not that awkward, but the awkwardness of having it appear at random made it kind of awkward…


Out of all our awkward giphy moments (trust us, there are more), this one probably has to take the cake... or the taco:


/giphy grandma

like, eww. grandmaaaa~



Awkward moments aside, we love connecting with each other on Slack – an extension like this makes communication more visual, and at times, unpredictably funny!


Do you have a favourite Slack extension? Or, if you use the /giphy extension on Slack, tell us what your #awkwardgiphymoment is! We’d like to be assured that we’re not alone in the (awkward) giphyverse.


Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Slack… or Giphy, for that matter. But, if either team would like to connect with us, we’d be more than happy to say hi! Leave us a message in our comments or hit us up via email.


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