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Behind Awesome Facebook Posts

Social Media Marketing

To all Facebook marketers – you’re in for a treat. Here’s the akïn secret sauce for an awesome Facebook wall that is guaranteed to increase the engagement and entertainment value of your page. Try it for yourself and tell us how it goes.



First, imagine your brand as a person. Now imagine how they’d sound like when talking. Once you get a good idea, note down what the tone is like (e.g. casual or professional, fun or serious) and remember to use this voice always when writing!

Be personal and authentic. Speak in first person and share strong human narratives.  

Look at how different scoot and SQ talks over the same topic. If you try to image scoot and SQ as your friend, what kind of friend would they be? And who would you prefer talking to?




b) Singapore Airlines




Bring stories to life with powerful and rich visuals to evoke emotions. Not only will it elevate your message, your audience always appreciates effort too.

We really did wish that sometimes it’d rain fries. 



Post content that cannot be found elsewhere such as candid real time event updates or behind the scenes photos. It gives them a reason to follow the page and makes them feel part of a community.

 Nobody is perfect. We don’t always need highly edited and perfect visuals. You still get the point from this picture – we all love milo vans.  



a) GIFS: A good wood way elevate the posts status from boring to fun

Zojirushi Singapore


b) Carousel:  For the greedy and lazy people who want to see more but don't want to go anywhere else.


c) Facebook Live: For the loyals fans who always want to be in the know.


d) Panoramic: There is never a bad time for fried chicken, a lot of chicken.


e) Photo Album: Albums are always a good idea for inspiration.


f) Facebook Notes: Other than uploading campaign T&Cs, why not use this notes portion to double up a blog! 


Home-Fix Singapore


g) Facebook Polls: A quick and fun way for your fans to interact with your brand. Also a sneaky way to do customer research. :)


h) Videos that look like moving photos: Rather than your conventional videos, this is a refreshing way to speak more through animations and illustrations. 



With the speed at which everyone's opposable thumbs move nowadays, we approximately have only 1-2 seconds ot capture people's attention. Drive message across with succinct and snackable content. Nobody likes a nag

a) Starbucks Singapore


Aside from these Facebook tips, there are many other ways you can engage with your target audience genuinely. When faced with making a tough decision, we always go back to our core values and ask ourselves if each decision made ensures your brand stays human and meaningfully connects with your audience.  

Find out how human your brand is with this quiz here.


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