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Cashing in on V-Day? Take a look at these quirky campaigns!

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 Ah, Valentine’s Day. Who would have thought that the day to honour the patron saint of engaged couples, beekeeping and epilepsy would become such a commercialized modern-day celebration for consciously coupling couples 

Never mind the pricey dinners, gifts and flowers; with V-Day spending projected to hit over $18 billion last year in the United States alone, we’d say that yes, February 14 is a pretty big deal. This is the same even in Singapore, where couples are willing to splurge on each other as a show of their affections. 

Marketers across various fronts inevitably capitalize on this season of love, even if the nature of their business isn’t directly related to it. Here are some quirky Valentine’s Day campaigns from this year that we adore:

Deadpool the movie: Make a Date with the Ultimate Anti-Hero

Promotional Movie Poster for Deadpool

Image from twitter.com/deadpoolmovie

 Marvel fans rejoice: the ‘Merc with a mouth’ finally gets a title movie to himself, with a cinema release three days before V-Day. In the spirit of all things lovey-dovey, these promotional images were (rather ironically) created for the ‘top movie choice for lovers’ this Valentine’s – never mind that it isn’t really a romantic flick. We hear that a few V-Day dates may have been duped planned around a screening of the flick, thanks to the creativity of the marketers! It’s a stellar choice nonetheless, especially if he/she is a Ryan Reynolds fan… or a fan of ‘hack ‘n slash’ films. Even local cinema operator GV wants to make a romantic date out of a Deadpool screening (because… why not?).

The movie’s Twitter account is constantly updated with other great content that’s fun and just as irreverent as Deadpool is – our personal favourite is this reference to the survival drama film 127 Hours.



BooksActually: Flowers are Cliche, Say it with Books instead!

A special Valentine's book Basket by BooksActually
Image from BooksActually

 Not quite quirky as it is rather novel: local gem of a bookstore BooksActually has offered up a literary alternative to the usual Valentine’s gifts, curating special book baskets to be sold only over the V-Day weekend. Because if words aren’t quite your thing, why not let other writers say it for you?




Porta Nova: Commanding Cupid Has Never Been Easier

Campaign Image from Porta nova for Valentine's
Image from portanova.nl

 While traditional images of the love messenger show a near-naked curly haired cherub with a bow and arrow, Porta Nova brings Cupid back to earth with a modern, manly twist. In this promotional video for their Valentine’s Day campaign, the ‘Command Cupid’, armed with a periscope-looking bow (with an in-built camera and smartphone), will roam the streets of Paris and Berlin on February 14 to facilitate ‘love at first digital sight’. See someone you fancy? Let Cupid know: he’ll hand them a rose on your behalf, and you can catch their reaction (and maybe a flying kiss?) on the Periscope app. While we wouldn’t mind a ‘wingman’ like that, we’d be more than happy to hand Cupid a rose as well!


IFISH Tackleworld: Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a new Fishing Rod!

meme for iFish Tackleworld for Valentine's Day Campaign
Image from IFISH Tackleworld FB Page

Ladies love fishing too - and by that, we don’t mean going to a club and checking guys out! With this year’s V-Day coinciding with the ‘holy grail of fishing days’ (aka Sunday), Australia’s leading fishing TV show IFISH Tackleworld’s ongoing Facebook contest calls for fans to ‘propose’ taking their other half fishing on Valentine’s Day – because, really, there isn’t anything more romantic than being out at sea with a great catch (or two)! They’ve even suggested some fishing gear gift alternatives for the ladies, but as one male fan commented to a female friend, ‘I think jjewelry would be cheaper!’



Bronx Zoo: My Love for You will live Forever - just like this Roach

Valentine's Day Campaign Poster for Bronx Zoo
Image from bronxzoo.com

Thinking of doing something different for your Valentine? Why not name your significant other after a roach? This Valentine’s Day, the Bronx Zoo in New York is offering this very unique opportunity – for just US$10 (S$14), your beloved receives a digital certificate (to prove its authenticity), while US$25 (S$35) will get him or her both the digital certificate, and a sweet treat from a Brooklyn confectionery (this option has since sold out). Aside from being a quirky way for your other half to ‘know your love is eternal’, it also goes towards a good cause: the protection and upkeep of the animals at the zoo. In paraphrasing the immortal words of Beyonce, if you like ‘em, you should put a name on ‘em. Or, really, you could just say it with fake flowers.

(This could also be a great way of commemorating your ex. Just saying.)



All that said and any cynicism aside, let February 14 also be a day to show love and appreciation to those around you, not just your significant other. Because honestly, every day should be Valentine’s Day when you’re together. If you’re not ‘consciously coupled’ at the moment, don’t despair – break the cliché and give yourself a treat instead. Happy Valentine’s from all of us at akïn! 

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