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Monkey 'SEA', Monkey Do – Our fave concepts this CNY!

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As we approach the tail end of the first 15 days of the new lunar year, the Chinese New Year (CNY) campaigns are finally put to rest for yet another zodiac cycle.

It was interesting to note that the concept trend this CNY seemed to focus more on the theme of spring and abundance, instead of the featured zodiac animal of the year – the lovable and mischievous Monkey. Admittedly, the auspicious sayings of the season seemed to flow much better with previous zodiac animals like the Dragon, Horse and Goat. (We’re speculating the year of the Rooster’s: ‘鸡’祥如意?)

That said, there were a number of organizations that scaled the monkey bars and took up the challenge of incorporating the primate concept into their CNY campaigns and greetings. From the S.E.A. Aquarium to a step-by-step lo hei guide, here’s a look at some of our local favourites:

UFM 100.3 – May everything be ‘Hou’ (Good)

Screenshot of UFM 100.3 CNY video

Screengrab from the UFM 100.3 FB page


Local Mandarin radio station UFM 100.3 can’t be faulted for monkeying around. They released a catchy video featuring their DJs (and two chimpanzees in… pyjamas) titled ‘什么都猴’ or ‘May everything be Hóu’ – the ‘hóu’ being a play on the Cantonese word for ‘good’. This even branched out into a competition for listeners to submit their own dancing videos. A fun, quirky way to bring out the lively vibe a monkey is known for!

(P.S: We know who was behind the one of the monkey masks… but we’re not telling!)


Jetstar – Hou()-seh lah!

Jetstar's CNY campaign image

Screengrab from the Jetstar Asia website


The heading of Jetstar Asia’s email newsletter alone was enough to make us smile. According to the Coxford Singlish Dictionary, ho-say is ‘a Hokkien exclamation denoting satisfaction, or enthusiastic endorsement’. While we ‘enthusiastically endorse’ the use of dialect puns, we would probably draw the line at merging it with an English word (i.e. hou-liday).



Technicalities aside, we like hóu (how) Jetstar brought good fortune to the doorstep of lucky winners in their ‘Jetstar Good Luck Blessings and Hou-liday Adventures’ campaign, by sending the ‘Good Luck Troupe’ – an entourage consisting of a lion dance troupe and 4 adorable ‘lil ‘monkeys’ – over for a visit. Hou-huat indeed!


Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) – Gong SEA Fa Cai

screenshot from Resorts World Sentosa CNY campaign website

Screengrab from the RWS website


This concept was a total win at first sight! RWS’s Gong SEA Fa Cai campaign seamlessly integrated the CNY concept into the very heart of what they do, through a strategically crafted and aesthetically pleasing core graphic that is adorable to boot. The focus of the graphic certainly reminds us of our favourite Monkey God; intentional or not, it made for a clever campaign indeed, considering Sun Wukong’s affinity with the sea.


Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) - The Singaporean Lo Hei Guide

The Singapore Lo Hei Guide - how to say auspicious words for Yu Sheng
Image from OSU

Here’s something we did for one of our clients, the Overseas Singaporean Unit, just in time for the festive season. Sure, this isn’t a campaign per se and no monkeys were harmed the production process (aside from making them hold chopsticks) – but we’re pretty darn proud of this one! Inspired by the annual cluelessness at the reunion dinner table, this handy infographic serves as a guide to the auspicious sayings (or 吉利话) said as each element is added to the yu sheng. The best thing about it? It’s completely recyclable for many reunion dinners to come. (You’re welcome!) 



From all of us at akïn, may the Year of the Monkey be one of reaching greater heights in everything you do. Enjoy the last few days of feasting and collecting red packets!

cute CNY monkeys doing the lion dance for akin!

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