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Must Follow Digital Publications For Brand Marketing, Design and Leadership

Digital Marketing

Reading is always important within and beyond the sphere of work. Aside from expanding our knowledge and enhancing our critical thinking skills, I also believe that it makes us more creative - a value important to me both on a personal level, and in my role as Brand Marketing Lead at AKÏN.

Yet, with an infinite number of digital publications or newsletters to subscribe to, and so little ‘free time’ in a day to read them all, where should one start?

As someone who is quite picky and cautious about my email footprints, I’ve stayed disciplined by only subscribing to publications that have truly value-added and keeps me looking forward to opening my inbox. I hope the following list will do the same for you.



These publications are great for morning quiet time reads before starting your work day. Read them with a fresh mind, and the  inspiration that could follow might even take you by surprise.


1. @Joulee / Medium.com


The Year of The Looking Glass is a Medium column written by Julie Zhuo, the Product Design VP of Facebook. Her articles give outsiders an inside glimpse to the working culture and practices at Facebook;beyond that, however, I love how she marries career advice and life values so seamlessly without the cheese. Reading her pieces have helped me cultivate better work ethics, and has inspired me to become a better leader.


2. @Better Humans / Medium.com

A cultural trait that I’m really proud of at AKÏN is well-encapsulated in this quote by Sheryl Sandberg: Bring your whole self to work. I don't believe we have a professional self Monday through Friday and a real self the rest of the time. It is all professional and is it all personal.”


Simply put, better Humans make for better parents, better friends, better lovers, better workers and  businessmen, and overall, better citizens of society. Read this publication for intelligent ideas to upgrade yourself - it features several authors writing about topics such as business, productivity, life and health.




These articles are very often trending, backed by data, and written objectively and analytically. They have helped me increase the quality of ‘deeper’ work such as creating strategy decks and pitch proposals.


3. Think with Google

This is Google’s effort to organise the world’s information for digital marketers. It covers the latest marketing research and digital trends, delivered through multiple formats such as data reports, articles and tutorials.


While the APAC version features more case studies on how APAC brands have found success by using Google’s suite of products, the global site focuses more on consumer insights that result from overall marketing trends.I personally prefer the global site because it’s more insightful, and it’s also great reference for learning the next marketing buzzword.


4. CO. Design


An extension of Fast Company, CO.Design covers topics ranging from technology, business, consumer products, architecture, fashion through the lens of design. The publication is well curated and shows how businesses continually challenge and push the boundaries of human experiences.




After an intense day at work, reading paragraphs of text is the last thing you’d want to do sometimes, even for regular bibliophiles. We’d be reading, but not absorbing - biologically speaking, our brain simply can’t focus. At times like these, I turn to publications that are focused more on visuals.


5. Google Primer


This side project launched by Google is an app that offers bite-sized interactive lessons on a wide range of digital marketing topics. It boasts a beautiful flat UI card-based design and iconography that makes learning both simple and delightful. All it takes is just 5 minutes of your time to learn something new!


6. Brand New

Brand New Website

For graphic design traditionalists, this place is full of eye candy.  Brand New is a publication by Under Consideration, a graphic design firm that offers its opinions on corporate and brand identity work. Each opinion piece is almost like a photo essay that presentsi a visual transition of each rebranding work. I also love the Brutalist UI/UX design of the website!




Reading about Internet culture and entertainment hardly gets boring or cumbersome. It’s good for a quick, light-hearted read, in addition to making great lunch-time conversations with your colleagues. (I hope you’re not thinking about the likes of Perez Hilton, Just Jared or E! Entertainment though; after all, we are still talking about Brand Marketing, Design and Leadership.)


7. Mashable

This website is an intersection of tech and Internet culture-turned-entertainment. I generally like the way they cover topics such as Tech, Science, and Business (even Politics) in a light-hearted manner. Although in my opinion, the editors need to always keep themselves in check to avoid sounding too Buzzfeed-ish and overseasoning the articles with Internet culture jargons.



Many of these multi-faceted publications cover a broad range of topics. Whether you’re a designer, a developer, copywriter, or even a salesperson, don’t discount out how relevant these publications could potentially be for you. I encourage you to subscribe to at least one of them, and read a little more for the remaining half of 2017.


If any of the reads have inspired and impacted you greatly, or if you’d like to add to the list above, let me know! I would love to hear from you at elizabeth.t@helloakin.com . Happy reading!


The list was last updated on 12th June 2017.

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