Office Automation Made Easy

Repositioning A Technical Product For The Everyday Office Worker.

GTRIIP had a groundbreaking, patented technology on their hands. While this was impressive to techies, it meant nothing to the everyday office worker. GTRIIP needed to speak another language and gain visibility quickly.

A new digital platform was rolled out to showcase the brand’s vision and technology, appealing to both techies and laymen across a myriad of industries.




Developing The Business Core From Inside Out

As we dove deep into the project, we learnt a little more about the co-founders, their products and more importantly, their vision and motivations behind GTRIIP. The refreshed brand was positioned akïn to the attributes of a personal assistant: trustworthy, empathetic yet efficient.

With each touchpoint, we wanted users to be reminded that GTRIIP wants to help them be the go-getters they are, and to let them “Do Less Waiting” - also the brand’s new tagline.

A new brand visual and communication guide was created to reflect these values, allowing visitors to experience a sense of security and relevance.




Technology, Personified.

GTRIIP’s logo and visual identity was first inspired by its corporate clients, hoteliers - think vacations and travellers looking for travel accommodations.

The soft blue and orange hue allowed visitors to feel at ease, relaxed yet assured at the same time. This was accompanied with the launch of a new website and mobile app interface. Multiple landing pages were also created for different target audiences to increase engagement, resulting in higher lead conversion rates.




The Role Of A Personal Assistant

Efficient, organised, and a good communicator. Through an iterative building process, we created a series of optimised email workflows to further profile and nurture new visitors on GTRIIP’s website. The result was an increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) reducing the efforts from the sales and customer care team by almost 30%, thus allowing them to focus more on corporate business and urgent requests.