Making Life Better With Home-Fix

Transiting A Traditional Family Business Into The 21st Century

Home-Fix is a pioneer in shaping the DIY and home improvement retail scene in Singapore. Since its establishment in 1993, the brand has expanded to become a chain of 22 retail stores all around Asia, and has also become a household name for all things DIY.




The Advent Of Marketplace E-Commerce

The rise of online C2C platforms such as Taobao, Amazon and Qoo10 has resulted in a global shift of retail preferences and purchasing behaviours. To keep up with the times and stay relevant, Home-Fix needed to shed their “DIY” “Handyman” image and restore the high footfall it once had at their physical retail stores.

Though several rounds of in-depth focus group sessions, research and consuming surveys, it was found that many loyal Home-Fix members continue to trust the company’s experience and knowledge, and the assurance they get as they plan for home projects.

Together with the company’s stakeholders, we shifted the brand’s existing product-centric messaging to one that was consumer-centric. The new positioning reflected what consumers loved about Home-Fix and appealed to the modern day homeowner. The handyman from yesteryear has now become a modern-day family friend and mentor.




Improving Home and Lives Everywhere

With this shift, content published on social media and other digital platforms veered away from product-focused promotions and tactical sales announcements, focusing heavily instead on providing Singaporeans at any stage of life with personalised home solutions.

Home-Fix’s Facebook page reach tripled within 6 months with 600% increase in engagement rates. An exponential amount of traffic was also directed from social media to their e-commerce store.




Celebrating Home-Fix's 23rd Anniversary

To thank Home-Fix members for their loyal support, a nationwide lucky draw was conducted in mid-2016, with several quality and innovative home solutions as its top giveaways.

An accompanying web app was created for customers to seamlessly participate in the giveaway. The new data collected also further profiled and neatened the Home-Fix database, allowing for more personalized targetting in the future. Through this campaign, over 300,000 people were reached online, with at least 0.5% converting to offline customers.