Breaking Stereotypes

Redesigning The Perceptions And Stigma Of An Entrepreneurship-focused Masters Programme in Singapore.

The Nanyang Technological University’s Master of Science in Technopreneurship & Innovation (MSc TIP) programme needed to refresh their candidate recruitment strategy.

However, it is common perception that degrees in entrepreneurship are simply no longer worth the time and money. This has been fueled with countless media mentions of famous college dropouts turned successful entrepreneurs, with the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. However, being an ENTREPRENEUR and understanding what ENTREPRENEURSHIP is all about, are two completely different things.

With this in mind, our aim was to help potential candidates see entrepreneurship as a skillset that can be trained and taught through academia, while encouraging them to develop the same positive traits and attitudes embodied by those aforementioned entrepreneurs.





We reached out to existing entrepreneurs, who were mostly graduates of the MSc TIP programme, and talked to them about the struggles and stereotypes they faced as entrepreneurs. These straightforward, frank stories were then shared on the MSc TIP’s Facebook web app, ‘#onthecontrary’ - becoming impactful reads about the real struggles of a typically ‘glamourized’ entrepreneur.




An Entreprenurial Community

Aside from inviting members of the public to share their own stories of ‘entrepreneurial stereotypes’ on the in-app Facebook message board, the platform also allowed them to connect with NTU MScTIP alumnis, and alumnis with one another.

This initiative resulted in a 33.2% increase in engagement on the MSc TIP programme‘s Facebook page, with an over 2 million reach. Total traffic onto the MSc TIP webpage grew exponentially, with 12% coming directly from social, and 14% from referrals. Traffic coming from social also indicated the lowest bounce rates at 0.47%.

These #onthecontrary stories were also later compiled into a book, which was then printed and given out to graduates of MSc TIP 2015.




We were awarded with the same project in 2017. Our outreach efforts included more stories about alumnis in both English and Mandarin language.