Simplifying Trust and security

Making Mobile Security and Cryptography More Accessible to the Everyday Mobile User

As the creators of the V-OS, the world’s first virtual secure elements, V-Key has been helping businesses roll out cloud-based payments, mobile banking authentication, and user data protection - all without the use of a hardware secure element. They currently offer mobile security solutions that comply with standards comparable to expensive hardware solutions, to local/international Fintech and Government organisations, and are accredited by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).


While many are mindful of the potential dangers that exist via web platforms, the complexities of mobile security does not yet hold the same importance and awareness with today’s tech-obsessed, security negligent generation. In fact, according to a survey conducted, 60% of millennials ‘aren’t concerned about corporate security’ when using personal apps, while 28.5% are lax about keeping their passwords secure. Such statistics like these concerned the clients of V-Key, who sees the urgent need to educating end-users about real, existing cyber risks, particularly on mobile.


Despite having a deep understanding of the product they built, V-Key founders were not able to effectively communicate the importance and value of their product in a way that laypeople would understand. This, in turn, would affect the way they educated their stakeholders and clients on the importance of mobile security and end-users on probable risks.




A New Visual Identity

After undergoing thorough discussions with V-Key’s management team, we realised that their visual identity at the time was inconsistent across marketing touch points. The brand’s impression as a hi-tech company that was ‘stoic’ and ‘unrelatable’ did not do them any favours either.


In order to connect with the everyday mobile user, the new V-Key visual identity needed to be clean and modern, without any compromise to the technology’s complexities and efficacy. We also needed to change the way the company communicates - moving away from heavy, technical jargon into simplified content, making it much easier to understand.


While we wanted to fully revamp V-Key’s image, one thing we made sure to maintain was their signature brand colour, purple. Within the industry, purple is heavily associated with V-Key and the colour that distinguishes them from their competitors.


We refreshed the V-Key logo and its typeface for a softer, modern feel, reducing their sharp edges to make it look more approachable. The brand’s signature purple was given a refresh with smoother, gradient shades. We also created and redesigned unique logos for the brand’s four products - V-OS, V-Tap, V-Guard & V-Track - to maintain consistency and ties to the new branding. The consistent visuals across their marketing channels encourages increased brand association, and for V-Key to leave a longer-lasting impression.


Along with the rebrand, we also helped V-Key launch a mobile responsive site for both the English and Chinese speaking markets to empower them with simplified knowledge about mobile security, while keeping industry professionals up to date  on V-Key’s developments.



A Future-ready Brand

With this, we were able to successfully transition V-Key away from their previous stoic and serious image, into one that is simple yet sophisticated, accessible, and most importantly – future-ready.