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Playlists For Every Moment You Have At Work

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Life without music is like an office without a pantry - it’ll be miserable. (Our CTO, Kenneth Sim, can surely attest to that.) Likewise, working at the office without music would be a dull affair too.


We’ve all read articles about how some ones at the workplace can raise productivity, morale and creativity, but there are some caveats. Music can sometimes offers more distraction than focus too. Some say that being unplugged while completing complex work tasks or absorbing new information might work better. (Imagine try to draft out a heavy strategy pitch document while listening to Umbrella by Rihanna)


Science can be quite divided on what music can do for the workplace, but I believe that music can make an impact regardless. It simply needs to be paired well with the task at hand.


With this in mind, here are 5 playlists that have helped the folks at AKÏN through various moments over the course of a typical workday, week or month.


1. Get Ready For Work 

When you want to start the day on the right note

Genre: Heavy Bass, Hard Rock, Hip-Hop


  An awesome thing happens when you pump up the music. Bass-heavy music can enhance our feelings of power and help inspire us into actions - similarly to how athletes listen to upbeat music to get in the right frame of mind before competing. This playlist should help you start the workday with confidence and vigour!



2. For The Big Meetings

When you're doing heavy duty work and need some intense brain juice

Genre: Atmospheric Rock, Ambient Electronica


Whether you’re preparing a pitch, working on strategy proposals, reading up on a new topic or brainstorming for a new design, it’s important to have that razor sharp focus. Since such complex, high-immersion activities require our brain to rapidly absorb and analyse new information, avoid ‘distracting’ and ‘attention-seeking’ music. For example, music that is too loud, songs with catchy lyrics, or familiar music that might make you want to sing along. 


Under these circumstances, we’d opt for mellow sounds found in ambient or background music genres.


3. For Fighting The Post-lunch Food Coma

When you’ve had too much carbs and are being tormented by the ‘Zzz' monster

Genre: Upbeat Dance, Techno


 We’ve all been there – getting back to the office after a good lunch and finding that our energy level has begun to take a dive. Listening to tunes in this playlist should have a ‘caffeine effect’ on you - to get your heart rate up, and your adrenaline pumping for the next half of the day.



4. For Powering Through Your To-Do Lists

When you’re feeling super energetic and proud of how fast you're checking off those lists

Genre: Happy Hits, Pop


 It has to feel good - annihilating your to-dos like a boss. Why not then, use music to reinforce this moment?  Happy pop hits or music that we are familiar with help release good neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in our brains that can make us feel good and accomplished. It helps make repetitive and mundane tasks a little bit more bearable, and maybe even enjoyable and satisfying!



5. For Social Gathering and Sing-Along Sessions

When you’re feeling super energetic and proud of how fast you're checking off those lists

Genre: Happy Hits, Pop


Feel-good music vary from person to person, but over at AKÏN, tunes that often make us grab our in-house karaoke microphone (yes, we have one) and belt out loud include artists like the Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Coldplay, Linkin Park and Green Day. Mainstream radio-hits also double up as good background music for parties or awkward fillers.


Oh, these are great for the outdoors and road trips too!



This playlist has been curated by the good folks at AKÏN and is very personal and reflective of our work culture. We’d be happy to know what your team song choice will be for each of these moment at work. Leave us a note at our Facebook Page or follow us on our Instagram.


Visuals designed by Yuni Ardilla. 



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