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Six Productivity Tips When Working From Home

Working from home can be a huge productivity booster – no rush for the daily commute, not a victim to the unpredictable weather, and that extra 30-minutes of snooze time always helps. However, working from the comfort of your home (and in your PJs) can also be a huge distraction, with a hundred and one other things out to challenge your productivity.

If you’re thinking of working from home, here are six of our best tips for being productive!

#1 Make an attainable to-do list


When at home, there are countless distractions shouting out at us – snacks in the refrigerator, pets that need attention, and the bed that looks so, so inviting. It’s tough ignoring all of these, so why not start off the day with a list of five tasks that need to be accomplished no matter what?

Each time you manage to strike a task off this list, go on and indulge yourself in a bite-sized reward – like grabbing a snack from the fridge, or taking a 5-minute rest on your bed! These are rewards that don’t come easy while working in the office, so why not turn them into mega-motivations?


#2 At least pretend that you're in the office

A problem most of us have while working from home is the constant reminder that we’re at home. Our homes are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation, and this doesn't exactly translate into productivity. But how can we adjust ourselves into work mode? Well, pretending that we’re at the office is a good start!

Hop out of bed, have a nice breakfast, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and change out of your ultra-comfy PJs. All of these actions may seem really insignificant (since they’re probably a part of your daily routine anyway), but they do have effects on your concentration and attention, kick-starting your body into thinking it’s time for work. At akïn, we’re on Slack with the rest of the team for communication all day, err’ day too – so it’s like we’re always at the office (though it really isn’t as depressing as it sounds)!


#3 Have a dedicated workspace


Nope, definitely not on the bed. Setting out a dedicated workspace for when you’re working at home helps you further heighten your concentration. Also, you’re at home, so go on and play your favourite music playlist, pace around, drum your fingers – as much and as loudly as you want! Just remember to tone it down when you’re back in the office again.


#4 Communicate expectations to those at home

“Ah boy ar, you’re on off today? Can you help me deliver something at the post office?”

Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t automatically make you readily available for every odd errand and visitor that comes your way. Communicate these expectations to those at home with you – they may be your parents, siblings or that pesky housemate – and don't be afraid to turn them down with a quick “I’m at work, another time!”


#5 Remember your meals (and water!)

Your kitchen may be near by, but without nagging co-workers reminding you about mealtimes (or that it’s already your fourth packet of Twisties), it’s hard to maintain healthy eating habits. Setting aside timed reminders for lunch and tea breaks can easily put your mind off Good eating habits directly impacts our work abilities – a hungry person is an unproductive one!


#6 Head out!




If all of these tips don’t work out too well for you, try heading out to a nearby café! Ambient noise is proven to have effects on productivity and stirring up those creative juices, so go on and embrace the bustle, the chatter, and the scent of freshly-roasted coffee beans.

But what if bad weather is keeping you indoors? Luckily, there are several virtual tools such as Coffitivity and Ambient Mixer that can help you with that – you can even imagine yourself working right in the Hogwarts Library!


What are some other productivity tips you have for working from home? We’d love to hear about them!

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