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Our Human Brand Methodology helps you to re-examine your brand via three different lenses: Core, Body and Realm.


  • CORE: made up of what an organisation believes in — the purpose and values that steer them and drive their every action


  • BODY: encompasses all the visible aspect of an organisation’s identity — their appearances, traits, and behaviours. It helps others understand who they are


  • REALM: is the space an organisation exists in — the people they relate, connect and even compete with


Using this framework, you can assess your brand’s ‘human-ness’ and identify areas that require alignment. These insights will give you greater clarity on your brand persona and help articulate a relatable and personable brand story, growing your own community.


Once you have clearly defined your human brand, you can start aligning your brand positioning, key messages and visual branding according to your Core, Body and Realm.


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