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Welcome to The Elephant Log

Human Brand akin Branding

You might have heard about our recent rebranding - and to complement us entering into a fresh new phase, we figured a blog name change was in order too.

After much deliberation and various iterations, we now present to you the newly minted Elephant Log.

Why the Elephant Log, you ask? Our explanation is simple.

As humans, we often pride ourselves as being of a 'higher intelligence'. However, we've slowly come to realise that we aren't actually much different from that of our mammalian counterparts.

Take the elephant as an example: you may have heard stories or watched videos of how some of these gentle giants share certain traits and abilities with us humans, such as understanding basic arithmetic, recognising music, and being self-aware. And just like how they rely on their resourcefulness to adapt to various situations and surroundings, we similarly make use of what we have around us to survive in our own concrete jungle - the creative industry.

Through our research about elephants, we came across a few other uncanny similarities they have with the AKÏN herd:


They are empathic

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Did you know that elephants are the only mammals in the animal kingdom to ritualistically mourn their dead? Through this and many other practices, elephants have time and again been known to be one of the most empathic creatures – an essential trait that has also bound our eclectic team together, through understanding each other’s thoughts and opinions. Also, being able to put ourselves in each other’s shoes has enabled further cohesion and has even generated some of our best work.

With the Elephant Log, we make sure that we're able to have each team member explore a topic of interest, not just for others to learn more about us, but also for us to learn from each other. This quick read on Photoshop tips for example, has even empowered us non-designer folk with some additional know-how to try out on the editing platform.



They are creative

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One of our core
values is 'being like a three-legged table'. In other words, we try to be as creative as possible in different ways, whether it be in problem solving or managing our resources. Again, if you’ve ever had the fortune of witnessing how a herd of elephants make use of what they have around them to problem-solve, you would understand why their inner creativity continues to confound us humans. Like our friends in the wild, which are always looking for imaginative and experimental ways to approach situations, this blog is also a collation of the ideas that bubble in our minds. From quotable quotes to creative ways of using GIFs, it is a space for us to pen our thoughts and insights, whether at work or play. 


They are hardworking

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Disclaimer: This image is just used to illustrate the following point, and does not mean we condone the mistreatment of animals!

We all know the hardworking nature of these lumbering giants - and this is a spirit that we do our best to carry forth in our daily grind. Though limited manpower and long work hours often leave agencies drained, it is imperative we continually innovate ourselves to keep up with the ever changing industry and trends. The Elephant Log is therefore also our commitment to continually make time to learn more. Through writing, we practise our communication skills and learn to be better teachers to our readers, and for each other.


And at the same time... they are fun and cheeky

 giphy (4)-2.gif

Elephants never forget to have fun. For them, the same logs used to build a home are the very ones that are be used in play. You might have also guessed from reading thus far that having fun is also a huge part of our culture at AKÏN. Our blog is occasionally peppered with tongue-in-cheek posts and other light hearted reads, because as they say - humour is the spice of life.



It is easy to get swept up in the ever-flowing current of change. Akin to how elephants establish their territory in the wild, the Elephant Log is our commitment to build a communal bank of our ideas, insights and innovation that we can share with you. It is a peek into our minds and an expression of our creativity, so we can continue to foster meaningful conversations and value add to the many lives we touch.


Once again, welcome to the Elephant Log. If what you’ve just read sounds right up your alley, then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for more bursts of creativity and insight!



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