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Table exercise to rank your branding project priorities


Did your boss just instruct: “We need to do a brand refresh. You, figure it out!”

Or are you a business owner who isn’t quite sure how to grow the brand anymore? 


Fret not! We are here to point you in a clearer direction! 


Navigating a branding project can be messy, but knowing your top priorities is half the battle won. We have designed a simple yet effective 10-minute exercise for you to order what matters most to you and your business. 


You can use this table exercise to: 

- Weigh out and discuss different priorities with team members
- Rationalise and justify needs to management
- Structure a detailed scope of work based on what you really need, and don’t

This is a self-assessment worksheet, but do bring in a few colleagues to have an interesting discussion. The more honest you are, the more helpful the results will be (p.s. we won’t tell!). 


Once done, you will have a much more tangible idea on the next steps forward! 


Brand Worksheet Download


Tapping on EDG

This worksheet is particularly useful for Singapore companies looking to apply for the Enterprise Development Grant. It provides clarity to your priorities to help justify the proposal to grant officers, as well as the vocabulary to have meaningful discussions with vendors. 


AKIN is a trusted EDG partner. We provide customised branding solutions for our clients and guide them through the application process, step by step. For more related information, do visit our EDG portal

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